What is Overlord Anime Series?

The Overlord anime series is a unique creation that’s both a Japanese original anime series and an English translation of an anime series that’s actually been broadcasted in the United States. An anime online role-playing strategy game takes place within the depths of the human subconscious and traps its final player deep within a fantasy realm. There, the Overlord (also known as Yggdrasil) commands the forces of darkness against all hope and the only way to escape is to destroy the evil entity.

The game itself is played out on a map that is similar to the Overlord’s domain, a world known as Yggdrasil, which is constantly under the command of the Overlord. Although the plot is similar to that of an anime series or an action game it differs with its background, setting, and plot.

storyline of Overlord

The basic storyline of the Overlord Anime Series is told through the eyes of the characters who appear within the story such as Hyszer and Rene. Hyszer is an ambitious young man who has an interest in creating a successful empire, while Rene is a strong and determined character who wants to prove that he is the stronger of the two.

Overlord Cast

Hyszer is a young male human who possesses the ability to manipulate time. He has also been trained to be the perfect swordsman. On his quest for world domination, Hyszer decides to join the fray and take on the Overlord himself. Unfortunately, he winds up with Rene as a companion.

Both Hyszer and Rene have a variety of powers including the ability to fly, see in the dark, and manipulate reality. They also have a wide variety of skills, which include being able to summon and control monsters and possess the ability to heal and regenerate. Their main weapon is their sword, which is called the Blade of Yggdrasil.


Overlord is set during the first stage of the Overlord’s plot wherein Hyszer and Rene travel to Yggdrasil, in order to seek out the Overlord. While there they also meet several other characters including Lief, a female warrior who fights for good, and Mina, a boy who will do anything for love, but will sacrifice everything for love.

Hyszer and Rene must fight off the forces of darkness as well as they attempt to conquer Yggdrasil, but what ensues is an exciting and engaging story with intriguing characters. that keep your interest. In addition, the anime itself is filled with humor with witty conversations and a unique story, making it a unique choice for a novel that you may not otherwise think would work.

If you want a unique anime series that you can play online you should definitely try Overlord. You’ll find yourself hooked and having fun for hours.

In order to succeed in this exciting story you must understand the history of the main character and the world he lives in. This will help you learn more about the Overlord Anime Series story and help you decide whether or not you want to read it or watch it. Overlord is one of the rare anime series that does not have an overly complicated story and is instead very simple and easy to follow.

One of the biggest strengths of Overlord is its use of humor. Although the Overlord isn’t the most likable character, the series uses humor in an interesting way that helps you enjoy the story. Whether it is Lief and Mina or Hyszer’s interactions with each other, Overlord manages to have fun and make you laugh with it.

Overlord Anime Series Story

Another good thing about the story of Overlord is that Hyszer and Rene are two very similar characters and are able to connect with one another. Even though Hyszer is a bit cocky, you find yourself rooting for him because of his desire to succeed. However, it doesn’t mean he isn’t also flawed and you find yourself rooting for him to fail as well.

If you like fantasy and adventure then Overlord Season 4 is definitely the anime series you want to get into. It’s a fun and interesting tale filled with surprises.

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